Statement of Beliefs










GCF is an ecumenical organization open to all graduate students of the university.  We are affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministry (see our links page). We seek to encourage and support one another in community, study, spiritual development, prayer, and outreach.  We strive to integrate a Christian worldview with our academic vocations and intellectual lives, and we strive to be an influential presence on campus.





We believe that thoughtful, biblical reflection has a place in all areas of life, and so we seek to unify our faith with the thought and practice of our vocations.

While each individual’s relationship with God is personal, the Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. GCF provides a support network of individuals who understand the pressures of the graduate life; are committed to caring for, encouraging and challenging one another; and who affirm one another's vocations as Christians in the university.

We seek to have a redeeming influence on the university community, acting as witnesses of the new life that is found in Jesus Christ. We join with God's people to serve in our communities and to extend his Kingdom on campus and around the world.

We seek to help one another to grow in Christ-like character, cultivating spiritual disciplines, and deepening each member’s personal relationship with God.